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Cyber Security  by Aeger 

Getting  started 

Cybersecurity can be a complex matter, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. There are multiple levels of threats and various ways to explain and guide through them to find the proper defences and process remediations. At Aeger, we understand this, so we begin with an iOdin surface scan. This helps ensure that our plan for your company is based on real-time threats rather than assumptions or unrelated cybersecurity efforts.
Our company can guide everyone towards cybersecurity improvements. Book a meeting or request a scan today.

Do you need a skilled team to handle potential threats? No worries, our team can help you or train yours.

Kindly contact us at for more details about our cybersecurity services.

Surface Scan / Assessments / Remediation  Services

Scan processes

​Shadow Assets Discovery

DNS Health Check

SSL Certificates Check

Open Cloud Buckets Check

IP Reputation Check

Dashboards with Aging data

Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Dangling Subdomains Check

Pro-Active Scans

Pro Active Scans

Domains Doppelgänger Check

Stolen Credentials Check

Fake Mobile Applications Check

Fake Social Media Profiles Check

Source Code Leakage Check

Telegram Group Mentions Check

Dark Web Monitoring

Botnet Infection Check

An efficient solution to detect and manage cyber threats.

Manual and automated solutions provide real-time alerts for both threats and vulnerabilities.

Actionable intelligence to guide remediates risk processing.

Remediation assistance is provided when required.

Certified aid from our specialist.

Scan processes

We provide remediation services for all scan processes offered.

We go beyond just scanning – we offer complete cybersecurity solutions. In the event that our scans uncover any findings, our dedicated team provides thorough remediation services.

This ensures that any identified issues are addressed and resolved, reinforcing your overall security. Your safety is our priority, and we stand ready to secure your digital landscape effectively.


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